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Urban & Rural accommodation, wellness retreats, outdoor events & farm experiences.

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About us

Our mission is to share our knowledge, culture, tradition and land with like minded people, while learning from them too.

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We Are Family
heritage preservation

Family culture and our ancestors values and habits are passed onto future generations. We feel connected to our traditions, that reflect in the way we plant, grow, eat and laugh. We have stories to share.

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We Are Green
sustainability mission

Finding ways to reduce waste and impact is part of our day to day life. From chemical free planting and growing, energy efficiency, reuse of waste materials and local/seasonal consumption to water and rain management.

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We Are One
multicultural diversity

We all have stories and skills to share from different backgrounds, age groups and points of view. At the core of it we are all humans that can add our own knowledge as a positive impact to the whole, working as a one unit.

Who We Are

Four Proud
Generations Of Anas

Quatro Anas was born of a matriarchy - four generations of strong women that transformed their commitment to the community, their skills as creators, their passion for heritage preservation and their wisdom about a life in balance with nature into a beautiful and meaningful life project: Quatro Anas.

Our mission is to share our knowledge, culture, tradition and land with like minded people, while learning from them too.

We want to create a natural environment that empowers the community to create and live in a sustainable balance with nature. Not only the physical space, but the needed tools that will allow our community & guests to embrace creative bold solutions for a simpler way of life.

We will use food, nature, tradition, cultural exchange and the community skills to create a back-to-basics environment.

We are open to receive like-minded people that are looking for a back-to-basics environment.
Where We Are

Come Visit Us

The whole family lives nearby Aveiro City. It’s sits adjacent to a beautiful farm which you’ll fall in love with at first sight (no doubt). We will help you embrace the rich culture or our country — tasting ang making homemades wines, producing cheese, harvesting and cooking fresh and organic vegetables to raising farm animals. The whole pack awaits you! So, see you soon?

Love and xoxos!

Quatro Anas


Our Foundation

The four women, all named Ana, laid the foundations of our business, which has four strands.
What We Do

Everything is interconnected.

Our services reflect the simplicity of living in community in harmony with nature. We believe that eating, sleeping, playing and balancing inner and outer peace are the basic pillars that lead to human happiness.

We are thrilled about new connections, interrelationships among new cultures, age groups and backgrounds. We are nature lovers and social connectors. We are aware that if you poke a hole somewhere, something will pop out on the other side. Everything is interconnected. Every action has a consequence and it’s gift can come in the form of wisdom, happiness or peace. We strongly believe that in the small things lies our responsibility towards each other. We always have the choice to do better in every step we take. WE ARE ONE.