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Urban & Rural accommodation, wellness retreats, outdoor events & farm experiences.

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Wellness & Company retreats Venue

Choose Your Path

We provide the space and the tools needed for you to run an awesome team retreat. Our venue is designed to host events for wellness purposes like yoga, meditation, ceremonies, workshops and also team-building & productive experiences for remote workers, company off-sites, startups and nomads.

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Garden &Outdoor Area

We offer different set-up materials for your events- from tables, chairs and carpets. No need to worry about  conducting your team building activity, yoga or meditation workout. It is a 4-hectare property and is divided into three sections: Villa Ana Maria that features a pool and a pond area; Vista da Sophia that is ideally located in our vegetable and fruit garden; and Villa Emilia that is surrounded by our serene flowing river and the wellness center.

Feel &Connect

Wellness and Focus rooms

The wellness and focus rooms are two separate rooms that guests can use when you avail of  the retreat package or you can book it separately for your company or group workshop, retreat or team building activities. The rooms include yoga mats, straps and blocks to maximize your wellness experience. Whiteboards are available upon request and a projector can be rented at an extra cost.

Eat &Drink

Local shop &Totium

Our coffee shop: Aninha offers a variety of delectable goodness especially handpicked and prepared for our guests. We have fresh fruits and vegetables coming from our farm turned into delightful healthy snacks and we also showcase our handmade & Eco-friendly products created by our beloved community through the local shop. Enjoy the perfect morning experience with a good Totium coffee in hand and a magnificent view to look at in the morning. Or, what a better way to spend a vacation with a beer in one hand and a pizza on the other, especially prepared by our staff using our “honest box”. We prepare and serve our guests anything that they want to eat and drink as long as we have it only for a very reasonable price.

Just Chill

Swimming Pool

Be mesmerized with the magnificent view of our swimming pool. Savor the serene and peaceful moment of being one with nature. Indulge in outdoor dining and sumptuous feast beside the pool with our farm-to-table menu option. Choose from our very own menu: delectable dishes, fresh fruits platter, a bottle of wine, flavorful desserts such as pies, cakes and jams and many more. Recharge, relax and reconnect with nature.



We have four different buildings with different views of our farm houses, garden, swimming pool and backyard. These buildings have different rooms that are spacious enough to provide guests with a unique co-living experience. Our farm houses have 15 individual beds with comfortable mattresses that can accommodate 22 people. Guests can make use of our wellness center, swimming pool, and outdoor dining area. We can also make arrangements for guests who want to experience camping in our very spacious garden. You can reach us out anytime and anywhere you want and we will give you the best offer.

Something else in mind?

If you feel like Quatro Anas Eco Farm is the right fit for your next event and would like to share with us your idea, let us know. We love challenges and bold people that think out-of-the-box.

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