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Urban & Rural accommodation, wellness retreats, outdoor events & farm experiences.

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The four rocks of our roots

We are one

Our services reflect the simplicity of living in community in harmony with nature. We believe that eating, sleeping, playing and balancing inner and outer peace are the basic pillars that lead to human happiness.

We are thrilled about new connections, interrelationships among new cultures, age groups and backgrounds. We are nature lovers and social connectors. We are aware that if you poke a hole somewhere, something will pop out on the other side. Everything is interconnected. Every action has a consequence and it’s gift can come in the form of wisdom, happiness or peace. We strongly believe that in the small things lies our responsibility towards each other. We always have the choice to do better in every step we take. We are one.

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Whether you choose the colourful city life of Aveiro or the peace and quiet of the countryside, Quatro Anas has the best of both worlds. Enjoy the Portuguese lifestyle down to its roots and feel right at home with our Aveiro rentals (two main locations: urban flats & hostel by the coast and rural farm in inland Aveiro).



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Quatro Anas brings you genuine, unique farm experiences that transport you to the heart of Portugal’s traditional agriculture. Explore the rural traditions of Portugal’s beautiful countryside and reawaken your senses with an impacting adventure in nature.




Quatro Anas offers the perfect rustic environment to host an outdoor wedding, celebrate a special occasion or a ceremony surrounded by the bliss of nature and its charming settings. Our eco-farm, located in this secluded space in the countryside, is the ideal scenario for your love celebration.




Quatro Anas offers the perfect environment to host a retreat, run a workshop, a special ceremony or have a co-living experience with a nomad community. Our traditional farm located in a secluded space in nature is the ideal scenario to create & inspire.


Planning for an event?

If you feel like Quatro Anas Eco Farm is the right fit for your guests, let us know. We love challenges and bold people that think out-of-the-box.