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Urban & Rural accommodation, wellness retreats, outdoor events & farm experiences.

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Urban & Rural Accommodation

urban flats and hostel
Tita &Paulo

Urban Flats &Hostel

Aveiro City

Casa Hostel Tita & Paulo offers fully furnished Aveiro city rentals apartments in Aveiro, Portugal. All the apartments are well-equipped featuring free first come fist serve parking (courtesy of the city of Aveiro), fast wifi, and the basic amneties such as refrigerator, TV, washer, oven, stove, microwave dishwasher and more. You'll definitely want for nothing!

And just like home, you can cook wash or connect with people while exploring the unique city life in Aveiro. Each apartments has spacious living rooms and balcony to chill in the sunny breeze while sipping on your coffee.

Vila Ana Maria

Rural Farm

Arrancada do Vouga

Stay at your classic Villa Emília or at Vista Sophia farmhouse. These magnificent rural homes are located 20 kilometres from Aveiro City, secluded from all the city insanity and in tranquil ambiance. Both have an amazing view of our sustainable farm.

The country homes, both the eco villa and the farmhouse, have individual rooms with antique features like carved beds and polished mahogany furniture. It is fully equipped with modern facilities so you dont have to worry about missing basic necessities from the city. Get your daily dose of the rural lifestyles.

Casa Rural
Tita &Paulo


Get a good dose of the Portuguese city home life near Aveiro city centre!

Vila Ana Maria

Rural farm

Escape the hectic city living behind and enjoy some rural bliss in the beautiful Portuguese countryside


Farm visits and other activities

We make sure you don't get bored during your stay. Let us know your plans by shooting us an email or check out what we have in our nature-related experiences.

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