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Urban & Rural accommodation, wellness retreats, outdoor events & farm experiences.

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Wedding & Events Venue

Make it happen

We offer solutions to host an intimate destination wedding in a special boutique environment, mixed in the midst of a green scenery and funky sustainable upcycling decoration.

Walk down our grapevine aisle, hold your special ceremony in the lush gardens of a farm villa, enjoy a delicious local organic feast surrounded by green and revamped architecture. Party under the moon and a star-filled sky.

We can support your special day with high-quality sound equipment, catering packages including local homemade products, wine and liquor, band suggestions, photography & film, handcrafted natural deco along with our beautiful sacred altar to behold your union.

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Garden &Outdoor Area

We offer different set-up materials for your events- from tables, chairs and carpets. No need to worry about  conducting your team building activity, yoga or meditation workout. It is a 4-hectare property and is divided into three sections: Villa Ana Maria that features a pool and a pond area; Vista da Sophia that is ideally located in our vegetable and fruit garden; and Villa Emilia that is surrounded by our serene flowing river and the wellness center.

Eat &Drink

Catering Service

We offer farm-to-table catering services depending on the number of guests and seasonal availability of our fresh produce. Our food is exclusively handpicked- only the best and freshest produce are served; specially prepared by our staff with passion and love. We make sure that we preserve and care for the environment by harvesting seasonal fruits and vegetables. We have a list of partners that we can work in collaboration with in case the number of guests exceed 60 individuals. We love to showcase our handcrafted decorations derived from plants and herbs that are homegrown and collected from our very own garden. Our meals are prepared by our locals, created with a touch of multicultural inspiration.

Have Fun

Add-on Service

If you need additional services during your stay with us, let us know and we will show you the list of our partners whom we share the same beliefs. We want to help you organize a memorable and Eco-friendly event by presenting you alternative materials to use for fireworks and confetti. We believe that these materials cause a lot of damage to our planet so we share with you our culture and beliefs in creating a sustainable and zero-waste living.

Just Chill

Swimming Pool

Be mesmerized with the magnificent view of our swimming pool. Savor the serene and peaceful moment of being one with nature. Indulge in outdoor dining and sumptuous feast beside the pool with our farm-to-table menu option. Choose from our very own menu: delectable dishes, fresh fruits platter, a bottle of wine, flavorful desserts such as pies, cakes and jams and many more. Recharge, relax and reconnect with nature.



We have four different buildings with different views of our farm houses, garden, swimming pool and backyard. These buildings have different rooms that are spacious enough to provide guests with a unique co-living experience. Our farm houses have 15 individual beds with comfortable mattresses that can accommodate 22 people. Guests can make use of our wellness center, swimming pool, and outdoor dining area. We can also make arrangements for guests who want to experience camping in our very spacious garden. You can reach us out anytime and anywhere you want and we will give you the best offer.

Planning an event for your guests?

If you feel like Quatro Anas Eco Farm is the right fit for your guests, let us know. We love challenges and bold people that think out-of-the-box.

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