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Betty Blue

Tita & Paulo

Main Apartment (5-bedroom)

Spacious, clean, fully furnished, styled in vintage and modern decor. Casa Betty Blue is a 5-room apartment great for group bookings. It has a great location, a quick 10-minute walk to restaurants and shops in Aveiro. The apartment includes a big living room, dining area, balcony, kitchen, two common bathrooms, and one bathroom in a single room.


African Art Room

Our African Art Room is one of the rooms in the 5-bedroom apartment that has a King-Sized bed perfect for couples who are on vacation. It is artistically decorated with unique art pieces, has a lot of space for a few luggage, and it is kept clean and organized at all times. Guests have access to common areas such as kitchen, dining room, living room, balcony, and bathroom.


Rococó Room

The Rococo Art Room features twin beds and enough space to move around good for two persons. This room is styled with stunning wall decor and vintage painting and has a window in case you want to let the cool night breeze in. Guests are welcomed to use the common areas in the apartment that includes a huge living room, dining area, kitchen, balcony, and bathroom.


Sardine Room

The Sardine Room is a spacious, clean, and nicely decorated room with twin beds that can accommodate two persons. The room features a big window that has a very nice view of the busy street of Aveiro city and the walls are painted with a white finish to give you a very relaxing vibe. This room is one of the many rooms in the 5-bedroom apartment that has access to different facilities shared with other guests such as a dining area, living room, balcony, kitchen, and two bathrooms.


Digital Art Room

The Digital Room is extremely clean and cozy and features a twin-bed that is good for two persons. It has a wide glass window that allows guests to enjoy a breath of fresh air, natural daylight, and a beautiful outdoor view. It is uniquely decorated to give a calming vibe to the guests. Guests have access to shared spaces such as the living room, dining area, kitchen, balcony, and two bathrooms.


Zig Zag Room

The Zigzag Room is a private room that features a standard single bed and has its very own bathroom. It has a desk and a chair perfect for making a list of your places to visit next, a huge window perfect to let the natural light in, and a cabinet for keeping your luggage and things safe. It has enough space for the occupant to move around the room and guests have access to shared spaces like the living room, dining area, kitchen, balcony, and two more bathrooms.


Looking to stay for longer periods?

We have attractive offers for monthly stays or longer periods, depending on the season. This might be the best short term solution for Erasmus, Insterships or any other work related duties in Aveiro. No binding contracts and no deposits.

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