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Urban & Rural accommodation, wellness retreats, outdoor events & farm experiences.

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Rural Farm

Vila Ana Maria

Vila Emília

Vila Emilia Country Home is a 7-bedroom villa with the best farm view. Inside the villa, you’ll find beautifully maintained antique furnishings and decors in each room. It also has a big veranda for a breathtaking view of the countryside.


Vista da Sophia

Vista da Sophia in Villa Ana Maria is a two-bedroom apartment with all the essentials you need to rock a family getaway! The villa has a pool, an outdoor grill, and a dining area. It also has a big garden with a swing and enough space for kids to play in.

(Registration in progress)

Barracão das Roseiras

In the making. Launching date July 15

Looking to stay for longer periods?

We have attractive offers for monthly stays or longer periods, depending on the season. This might be the best short term solution for Erasmus, Insterships or any other work related duties in Aveiro. No binding contracts and no deposits.

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